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Unconditional by Rose

(Unconditional is quite similar to most of my roleplays. That's where I get most of my ideas.)

Kayleigh knew what would happen if her dad heard her sneaking in an hour past curfew. She opened the front door slowly and tiptoed into the house. Carefully, she closed it behind her. She thought she had been quiet, but unfortunately she'd been wrong. Kayleigh froze at the sound of approaching footsteps. She looked around for somewhere to hide, but she knew in her heart she'd screwed up. She saw him coming towards her through the darkness of the entry way. She felt a sharp pain across her cheek.
    "Kayleigh, what the fuck have I told you about being late!" He snarled at her. He was so close she could smell the liquor on his breath.
    "I'm sorry daddy, please don't." She begged, although she knew it was no use. She took a deep breath and tried to walk past him. If she could just get upstairs...
    "Don't you fucking walk away from me." He caught her around the waist and threw her against the wall. She felt her back connect painfully with the wall. She crumpled at his feet, whimpering. He kicked her, hard in the back. She cried out in pain.
   "I hope you learned your lesson you little bitch. Next time I won't be quite so easy on you." Kayleigh dragged herself up every painful step of the staircase. Just as she'd reached her room she heard a little voice coming from behind her. She turned around and found herself staring down at her little sister Ellie.
     "Kayleigh." She heard the tremor in Ellie's voice. Kayleigh walked towards her sister and knelt down beside her.
    "I'm alright sweetie, go to sleep." Kayleigh kissed her sister's forehead and painfully got to her feet. She watched Ellie walk safety back to her room before turning and walking into hers. Her back felt like it was on fire and she bit her lip trying not to cry. Remember the promise, she thought to herself bitterly. I will not cry.
    She sat down on her bed and pulled out her phone. All she had to do was press to buttons to hear his voice. He answered on the first ring.     
   "Hey Leigh what's up?" He asked lightly. She willed herself not to cry and her voice not to give her away. "Hey, I'm just laying in bed, you?" Only Jay could see through her facade. "Babe, what's wrong." His tone was gentle and soft, not prying.
     Kayleigh knew in her heart that it was time. Jay needed to know the truth. She'd kept telling herself that she didn't know if she could trust him yet, but after two years of being together there were no more excuses. He deserved the truth more than anyone and she knew he'd support her. Her mom had died almost a year ago. She'd kept it from Jay, although she knew he'd suspected something.
    This time when she spoke her voice did shake. She took a deep breath, "Jay, can you meet me at the park in ten?" She already knew the answer before he spoke.
   "Of course Leigh, I'll be right there." She heard a click  and he was gone.
                Chapter two
   Climbing out the window and jumping down to the patio was harder than usual for Kayleigh. The pain in her back was becoming unbearable. Nevertheless, she made it down without anymore injury. She began walking towards the park to meet Jay. She shivered in the cool night air. It was only about a half a mile, but by the time Kayleigh got there her whole body ached and her fingers were numb from the cold. She saw him there, waiting for her.
    She walked towards him, needing to feel the warmth of being wrapped in his arms. He looked up, opened his arms. Kayleigh reached his and wrapped her arms around him, burying her face in chest. He held her to him, waiting for her to be ready to speak. She could feel her entire body shaking. After a few minutes she reluctantly pulled away, stepping under the light from the lamp.
    She turned so that her back was to him. "Jay." she paused and bit her lip. "Lift up the back of my shirt."
    Jay took a step towards her. She felt his hands gently move her shirt out of the way so he could see her back. She heard a little gasp of surprise. "Oh Leigh, what happened?" His voice was quiet, but  she could hear the concern.
    "Is it that bad?" She responded, unable to look at him.
   "Leigh, it's really swollen. Your entire back looks purple." Jay let go of her shirt and it slid back into place, covering up her injured back. "Who did this to you love?" He asked. She could detect a hint of anger in his voice. Suddenly, she was overcome with emotion. For the first time since her mom died she felt tears cascading down her cheeks.
    She turned to face Jay. His eyes widened at the site of her tears. He hadn't seen her cry in a long time. Gently, he pulled her into his arms. "You can tell me love." He lay his cheek on her head.
   "My dad." There it was. Her secret was out and there was no going back now. She could feel him stiffen. "Leigh, how long has this been going on." Now she could really hear the anger in his voice.
  She looked up at him, trying to hold back the sobs that seemed to be building up inside her. "Almost a year." She whispered. She watched his expression carefully and saw the understanding in his face.
  "Oh Leigh, why didn't you tell me?"
Kayleigh could no longer hold back the sobs that had been begging to be let out. Her whole body trembled as sobs ripped through her. She buried her face in his chest. He held her close and stroked her hair. "It'll be okay now love. I won't let him hurt you anymore. It's okay, just let it all out. I'm so sorry Leigh." She could hear the break in his voice and then he was crying too.
   Finally, after what seemed like hours, her tears stopped and she sagged against him, drained. "You want to come back to my house Leigh?" Kayleigh nodded numbly, she couldn't go home and risk getting caught again right now.
   "I'd carry you Leigh, but I don't want to hurt your back. Come on, you look exhausted." She shivered and Jay sat her down carefully on the bench. He took his jacket off and wrapped it around her. He helped her stand and she leaned against him heavily as they walked. Jay kept his arm protectively around her as they walked.
    They walked to his house in silence. When they reached the front door Kayleigh vaguely noticed the lights were on. They walked inside and she welcomed the warmth. Jay's mom appeared in the doorway.    "Jay it's 1:00 in the morning, where-." She stopped when she saw me. "Oh Kayleigh dear, are you alright?" Kayleigh just nodded numbly in response. Jay gave her a look that seemed to say, not right now, I'll explain later. His mom just nodded, confused. Jay led her upstairs past his mother.
   "You can sleep in my bed tonight." He whispered in her ear as they approached his bedroom door. He opened the door and she let him guide her towards the bed. She sat down and took off her shoes. She lay down on her side. Jay tucked her in and kissed her forehead. "Sleep tight Leigh." Just as he was about to walk away Kayleigh realized she didn't want to be alone. "Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?" He paused. "Of course." She felt him crawl into bed beside her and she snuggled up against him. "I love you Jay." She whispered.
   "I love you too Kayleigh Elizabeth Lancaster." Those were the last words she heard before drifting off into peaceful oblivian.

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