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#1 2013-08-29 06:31:56

Seas of Sorrow
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Black Butler Fans/SebastianxCiel Shippers!

Hi everyone my name is Seas!
Some of you (though probably few) may know me...I've been here for many years. I kind of took a hiatus from here a while ago simply due to the fact that most of my friends had left and the fun just kind of dwindled down after that.
I still remember my years here so fondly...such amazing memories...

Anyway! I know there are such passionate and incredible people on this site so I figured this would be the best place to promote an incredible project.

If any of you have been searching for a worthy Black Butler doujinshi (fanfiction manga) with spine tingling plot twists and a fair amount of explicit yaoi (not vulgar...really quite beautiful actually)...then I have a site for you!

I promise that if you like romance, yaoi, action, horror, and PLOT oh my much PLOT...then you will love this story!

It is a trilogy titled as the "Disturbia Saga"

The installments go in this order


Currently Phobia has been completed and Obsessia is still ongoing.

The manga was drawn and written by my very dear friend Neneko. So the story isn't will be soon though. I am a co-author of the not yet released final installment "Miseria."

If you are interested please don't hesitate to take a peek! If not, that's fine and please enjoy your day!
I figured that I might as well promote a little bit to see if I can expand the audience a bit more and give some BB fans a real treat if they so desire.

Once you finish Phobia and get to the still ongoing Obsessia I hope you will take the time to review each new page. 15 reviews per page from our lovely audience gets them a new page. Obviously we are lenient when there is a particular filler page that can't be discussed much...but for the most part Nene and I have worked so HARD on this! It is completely non-profit and run strictly out of love for the anime/manga and for our phenomenal audience. Our kittens! I really truly hope you guys might want to comment on our efforts and join us in a lively often fangirl influenced banter!

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read this! :3

To all those who choose to enter the lair...

Nene and I will await you there <3

Sin-searingly, Seas

PS If you do review...let me know that you're from TNTS! I will be reading all of the reviews and it would completely make my day to see your wonderful words before my very eyes <3

Becky is my sista forever :D
Kisha/Peanut Butter is a world conquerer let me help you conquer the world sis. :lol:
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2013-08-29 06:31:56

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